Welcome to Sandy Wijaya Photography, Bandung (West Java) based photographer, focusing on waterfalls & travel photography.

Photography indeed is an amazing media on expressing one’s point of view, capturing emotion, and exploring creativities, just like Henri Cartier-Bresson said, “it is a way of life”. If someone was running out of words while expressing their feeling, just let the pictures do talking, that’s indeed the power of photography.

In the process of work, I believe that the quint essence of photography is not about the camera which just merely a creativity tool to express one’s vision or emotion, instead creating state-of-the-art results with the utmost appreciation of an art, genuinely creative, and the capabilities of capturing the soul of a scene or emotion and sincerely speaks through it. That are the fundamentals of quality that I want keep in my works.

Please enjoy while exploring my portfolios, and blogs/travelogues which will regularly updated, and last but not least thank you for visiting my web.


Warmest Regards,

Sandy Wijaya, AFIAP, E.FPSI, PAF*

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